Take the HR Interview Seriously – Know Why It’s Important

An HR interview can happen both at the beginning and again at the time of closure. It may feel a bit intimidating but it’s a perfect time for the employer to gauge and test the candidate’s job application in terms of compatibility and competency and choose the right person into the required role.

It is also an opportunity for the candidate to perform well and show their best professional capabilities. Whether it’s a telephonic HR interview or a critical face-to-face HR round, it’s your first impression so make it well. Make sure you prepare yourself well and present yourself in a smart confident manner.


Prepare Well: The initial HR round is considered a significant screening round. It offers you a better understanding of the company and the key points about your roles & responsibility towards the position applied.

Before you go, prepare yourself and learn as much as you can about the company. Look out for information on their corporate website, social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and also research for their recent press releases. This information can help you know more about the financial stability of the company and also learn a bit about their work culture. Being part of a growing company that adds value to your own career goals.


Take the HR Round Seriously: Most people consider the HR round a sheer waste of time and tend to dismiss it as just a formal round; not understanding its importance. Remember, an HR manager has an equally powerful influence as the company manager that you might meet for the next round. HR professionals may not have the expertise on every open role or position offered but would approach the formal interview, keep an eye on how you represent yourself. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions surrounding why you want to join? What skills can you bring? How do you deal with conflict at work? How do you approach sudden challenges? Don’t trip and answer each question after giving it a quick thought.

While answering any HR questions, communicate in a positive and confident manner. Most questions are there to trick you. The HR personnel are looking at your confidence and listening out for your strong behavioural competencies. Try to remain calm and keep the focus on your contributions and achievements. Demonstrating your knowledge about the company can also help the employer feel that you truly are interested in the company and have made efforts to know more.


Ask Questions: Ask away any questions that you may have about your roles and about the company. Be prepared to answer behavioural questions and highlight your achievements and strengths to make a mark. Clearly define what you are looking for the applied role and how your experience can add value to the role.

In addition to these, an HR round is a perfect time to talk about the salary package and other company benefits that are attached to your role.

Do you know only a fraction of job applicants make it to the HR interview round! So, consider it as a positive first step and go ahead with a smile. Make sure your answers are consistent and practical. Showcase your talents and qualities that make you the best fit for the job and we are sure there is nothing that can keep you away from your success.

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