Retained Recruitment (Search)

A retained assignment is a recruitment solution that offers the client dedicated resources, to ensure that their critical vacancy is filled as quickly as possible with a highly qualified candidate.

Retained search is preferable in cases where a company has a pressing important position that requires a candidate who will hold key leadership responsibilities and whose services are integral to overall organisational success. It is also a better solution when the position is difficult to fill and a contingency search has tried and failed.

Why Choose a Retained Assignment?

– Mutual Level of Commitment – A retained search goes well beyond the typical contingency recruitment effort. Industry average suggests that you get five times the amount of hours spent on your vacancy compared to a standard contingency search. This time allows the recruiter to cover the entire marketplace and consider many qualified candidates. Obviously, we need a client’s committed support to justify that kind of effort.

– Quality and Quantity of Results – A retained program allows us the time to locate the best available candidates in the marketplace instead of referring the first qualified person we find. This insures you get the maximum performance capability for your money and the person who best suits your opportunity.

– Timeliness – Many people think a retained search takes longer to complete. Certainly at Executive levels this can be true. However, most middle to upper-middle management searches take 1-3 months no matter how they are conducted.

Benefits to the Employer?

– Access to passive candidates who are not available

– A client driven process and individually customised

– A more solid shortlist of greater quality with committed, selective candidates outside of the open database marketplace

– Devoted resource invested in the process ensures a more thorough searching of the market place


We get the opportunity to do a thorough search, carefully selecting the best candidates, knowing we have an exclusive assignment. Whether you are recruiting for a CEO, Project Director, Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Discipline Manager etc. with particular project experience or a specific skill set, you will find Jaspa King’ Retained Search offers an unrivalled commitment to service delivery and the fulfilment of your needs.

It is important that Human Resources, the client’s management team and the Senior Consultant work effectively together to insure an effective search for the right candidate.

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