Outplacement Support Service

What is outplacement?

Outplacement services are the assistance an employer can provide to those employees affected by a layoff. Outplacement services can range from employee counselling and career guidance to resume writing, job placement help, job fair events and more. We understand that as a responsible employer, providing outplacement is about much more than mitigating employment legislation or safeguarding your employer brand.  The reality is that most of our clients just want to help their employees move on and find new opportunities quickly.

However, when looking to provide outplacement support for your staff, it is hard to negotiate the balance between cost and quality. How do you provide flexible, tailored support that is meaningful and effective for each employee without breaking the budget?

Outplacement services are designed to help make the career transition easier for laid off employees and they help you as an employer to do the right thing for displaced employees. Research from the US shows that a personalised Outplacement program can reduce the length of a former employee’s job search by up to 61%.


Our service was established by Senior Executives, for Managers and is specifically designed for people looking for more than just a CV writing service and who want a programme that is both customised to meet their individual needs and real-world based.

The benefits of working with us?

We will give you:

  1. A bespoke Outplacement programme designed to meet your needs, whether your staff are looking for another corporate role or setting up your own business
  2. Indefinite support – We know what success looks like and we will know when we get there.
  3. An in-depth understanding of how the market hires executives and managers
  4. A proactive approach – using techniques that put your staff in control of their job search, drive interest in them and cut out the competition.
  5. Access to the hidden job market – uncovering the markets best kept secrets as well as utilising our elite network of industry contacts.
  6. Onboarding support in the new role

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