Corporate Responsibility


With over 15 years’ recruitment experience and 25 years direct experience in Supply Chain, Finance, Sales and healthcare, we are not only knowledgeable in our field but very proud of our values.


We are family oriented hard workers who not only strive to improve the lives of our family’s but the candidates we interact with on a daily basis.


We are constantly looking to improve the service provided to our candidates and clients using a “high touch approach”. We pride ourselves on being transparent, respectful, and always ethical.


Jaspa King is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate against any employee, candidate or client because of race, religion, colour, gender, disability or age.


As a team of professionals but ultimately people within communities, we recognise the need to support communities. To this effect, we regular contribute to local, national and international charities and events that have meaning for our team and family members.

We encourage our team members to take part in wellness initiatives to make a positive impact on not only their own health but our local community.

Regular charitable support includes:

Ovarian Cancer

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