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Job Switch – Know When’s it’s the Right Time and What to Do

It could be the work, the dull environment or an annoying boss that can lead most of us to seek for a fresh new opportunity. Dreading Monday mornings is ok and happens to most of us. It’s not looking forward going to work every day is what should be a concern and one of the first triggers to start looking for something new and exciting. It’s time for a job switch.

Here’s a list down about a few things that can help you look out for the right signs and give you time to prepare for a new job opportunity.


When Work Becomes Monotonous: Who does not hate Mondays? We all do. But it’s more than just Mondays. When work becomes onerous and monotonous, a person tends to get bored. The same work may not be sufficient to keep you thrilled and often leaves you unsatisfied in your career.

It’s often when we are not challenged that we look out for something new and exciting. The same applies to our work. This may occur if you have been associated with a company for a longer period or find yourself stuck with the same routine repeatedly. Further; it also signifies that your skills are limited and too narrow.

Consider speaking to a senior manager or someone that leads the team and discuss how they can help you seek other roles within the department. Get clarity on your expectations. They may diversify your current roles or add up some new responsibilities. Decide on your next step after giving the new role some time. Else, move forward.


Your Efforts Go Unnoticed: At work, it’s all about the team effort and that’s how the overall success of a project is defined. But many times, you might feel that your thoughts and efforts go unnoticed. Does your boss take your advice lightly or put your business ideas under the table?

Create an action plan. When you are committed to your work, you expect to be treated well and if your inputs are valued, it reflects in your way of working too. Take notice while having conversations, keep an open mind to learn new ways to approach things and make efforts to adopt new skills. Small things really matter; however, even after trying hard to get heard, start looking out for a better opportunity where your skills and efforts may be respected and valued more. Know your boundaries. This may seem easy, but before you take that step to resign, speak to your contacts and understand where you might need some advice too.


No Work-Life Balance: Are you one of those who thinks about work every single minute and ends up taking work home even during weekends? If yes, then the chances are you are too consumed with work to enjoy your life.

Work is essential as it pays our bills but forgetting how to experience and enjoy life is something to consider. Ask yourself if you are happily leading a stressful life and then make decisions. Start making efforts to lessen the workload and avoid taking extra work home. Spend some moments with friends and family and prioritise the work.

It’s good to pick up some hobby and keep yourself occupied to think less about the workload. If you still find yourself over occupied or stressed, then maybe it’s time to consider a new environment.

Once you have made up your mind to go for the job switch, Explore the opportunities, continue applying for the best ones, make some calls and search for a reputed HR recruiter or recruiting company and share your job requirements. Be proactive and go ahead with the job switch.

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