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Importance of Building Stronger Relationships with Recruiters

For any recruiter, the most valuable asset is the candidate. It is therefore paramount that the relationship between you and your recruiter is trustworthy, meaningful and remains positive at all times. It’s a relationship that needs to be nurtured and explored time and again to ensure a long-term success at both ends.


Helps Keep Consistent Communication

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, interacting and recruiting multiple candidates of all nature and levels can be difficult; but thanks to the technology, communication is easier than ever before.

Apart from engaging interactions, automated response, active reminders and candidate’s status updates have become easier to track on and helps maintain consistent communication at all times. Candidates can now record their job status and update recruiters about their journey and also share their interest in future job aspirations.

Honestly, this not only establishes a positive relationship with the recruiters but can also help candidates stand above their competitors, as the recruiters help them achieve their work goals and support them with ongoing recruitment processes.


Connect & Network on a Personal Level

Today as geographies expand, it’s the technology that helps connect the world over the online space and makes it easier to ignore the need to meet candidates face to face. Nevertheless; times are changing and recruiters now try and meet up with theirs selective candidates face-to-face for an open conversation over a cup of coffee. It’s so much better than conducting the initial conversation over an uncomfortable phone call!

First impressions matter here as the recruiter gets a chance to know you better than just being someone looking for a job. This informal meeting is your first step to creating an effective partnership with your recruiter and is a perfect opportunity to gather the best employment opportunities and target the right company.

Build real relationships with your recruiters. It takes trust, in-person contact and real conversations to build stronger relationships with recruiters.

So make sure you discuss in details each other needs as a candidate and a recruiter and ask about the process, job market or any other questions that you may have. Set and share expectations clearly and promise to be prompt with future communications.


Keeps You Prepared & Open for Opportunities

Whether you are seeking a new role, cultivating a business partnership or looking for industry advice, a recruiter with his invaluable suggestions can enhance your efforts seamlessly. In today’s competitive world, it is crucial to work cohesively with each other. The recruiter will not only take interest in your personal goals but will have the right resources and professional contacts to help develop your career. Even if you are not seeking a role currently, make sure to be open about sharing your need to hear about the latest opportunities. This will help recruiters connect and refer you when an exciting opportunity comes out. In return, the recruiters too get positive endorsements for their work and being reciprocated with compliments.

Ultimately, it’s the recruiters that should be considered as business partners too as these are the people that connect you to the right sources, deliver the best to organisations at all levels and aligns your goals in the best possible manner. Building interesting and consistent communication is the key to a relationship between candidates and their recruiters and a stand-out factor in winning over other candidates. Recruiters, with their careful timing and honest approach, can help you make the right career choices, so keep an open mind. You never know when the right opportunity strikes, leaving you surprised!

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